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Konmari Lessons

The recent trend in decluttering has really hit home for me. I’ve been on a decluttering journey for the last year or so, but the recent surge in videos and … Continue reading

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Not just a to-do List: Organizing with lists

I love lists. They appeal to my sense of order and calm. They help me feel in control. I try to keep my lists electronically using the notes function in … Continue reading

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Our Mexican Adventure

A few months ago my husband and I went to Mexico. I’ve always had an interest in archeology and ancient civilizations. One of my biggest dreams as a child was … Continue reading

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Ten Things You Can Do TODAY That Will Make 2015 A Great Year

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions. You know… Those lofty goals you make and feel bad when you can’t keep them. This year, do a few simple things that are … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Purging Checklist

This winter we renovated our upstairs bathroom and bedroom closet. Since we had to essentially “move out” of our upper floor, it gave me a chance to really go through … Continue reading

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Moving Tips

De-clutter and pack less: Don’t move that same box of junk again!  If you haven’t opened it since you moved the last time, get rid of it.  Get rid of … Continue reading

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But Is It Art? Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013

This weekend, we spent the night wandering the streets looking at art. People young and old were out in droves for this all night art event that has become a … Continue reading

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