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Not just a to-do List: Organizing with lists

I love lists. They appeal to my sense of order and calm. They help me feel in control. I try to keep my lists electronically using the notes function in my iPhone and Google docs. The reason I prefer this is that I like the flexibility of being able to access them from my computer, phone, iPad, etc. If you prefer paper, use paper. No system works unless you’ll use it.

Shopping List:  Pretty straight forward. When I run out of something I use regularly, I add it to the list. That way, the next time I’m at the store I remember to buy it. Because it’s on the Notes on my iPhone, I can update it wherever I am and from any iDevice I happen to be using.

Mail List:  I do most of my non-grocery shopping online. Because of that, we get a lot of packages. I like to know what I’m expecting and whether it was shipped or not.

My mail list looks like this:

apple notes


-Amazon Book 01-03-2015



-Business Cards

When I get a shipping notification, I move the item from NOT SHIPPED to SHIPPED and add the date it was mailed. When it arrives, I delete it from the list.

Leads List: I work in sales. I keep a running list of my current leads in my phone as well as in my database. This also serves as a list for things like sending cards and holiday emails without having to dig far for top names.

Packing List:  I love to travel. I’m constantly refining my packing list. I keep it in my phone to work on, adding and deleting depending on the needs I’ll have for my upcoming trip.

***More on what’s in my packing list in another post.

A What Not To Buy List:  This is the opposite of a shopping list. This is a list of things I have too many or enough of. When I feel like splurging on something, I look at that list. If it’s on the list, I can’t buy it. I need to use up what’s there first. Examples are clothing, cosmetics, books when you have a stack you haven’t read, etc.

Cataloged Collections:  Ever been in a shop, holding something in your hand and you couldn’t remember if you had it?  I collect books and CDs by several prolific authors and artists.  Because I like rarities and promos, I sometimes buy multiple versions of the same thing on purpose. Having said that, you sometimes can’t remember everything you have in your collection. To combat this, I have several lists on Google Docs of what I have in my collections. That way, when I travel, I can determine whether I should bring that special something home or not.

Do you keep lists? What do you wish you were more on top of?


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