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Konmari Lessons

The recent trend in decluttering has really hit home for me. I’ve been on a decluttering journey for the last year or so, but the recent surge in videos and blog posts about Marie Kondo’s book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying-up has really made me want to do it in bulk.

I didn’t necessarily follow all the rules, but I did do a massive purge. One of the things that actually struck me, more so than the piles, was what things looked like when you followed her folding rules.

A drawer full of underwear, socks or shirts folded vertically looks like it belongs in a showroom. It also makes you acutely aware of just how many of each item you have.  20 pairs of underwear tossed in a drawer is less of an impact than being able to actually see and count them at a glance.  When you can see that there’s a full week’s worth of grey t-shirts it really hits home. I don’t need anymore. I have more than enough.

This is a work in progress. I want to slowly work towards a capsule wardrobe. It won’t be as small as some, because some items are  part of a collection and not up for debate ( Band t-shirts and hoodies), but it will all go together, be cohesive, suit my current style, weight and lifestyle. It’s coming together and I’m really happy with this. I want to dress for who I am, not who I was.

What did decluttering teach you?


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